No Poem Here

No great love poem, no not from me,
To make you feel what I believe.
The task to great, can never be done,
No words describe why we've become one.

But a mind can't sleep, no rest at all
Until it's unburdened, it's heeded that call.
The swelling inside, no longer to hide,
Two souls intertwined, crossing divide.

All wisdom we know says two can't become one,
But each becomes larger, giving a sum...
Oh heart of all hearts, song of all songs,
Give voice to these feelings, please know what's been done.

What's happened inside, my spirit, it soars
Like the sound over jungle, when lions they roar.
Such power, so strong, this enduring bond,
Yet weaved like the notes of a delicate song.

When looked at by one, this measure of sums
Are as fragile and delicate as emotions can come,
For it takes but a day spent distant from you,
For loneliness to creep, ever to view...
          Ever to view, never to view,
          The joy that is life, the joy that is you.

t. horn



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