So long pent up, so much to hold,
Unrealized passion, stories untold,
The soul draped in darkness, all is within..
Never raising that cover, wilting again.

Then some inner force, always aware
Takes note of your silence, your blankness of stare...
It knows your direction, whereof and wherein,
To go the whole distance, an ultimate sin.

It stands in your path, it opens your eyes,
it feeds upon reason, nobody dies.
It swells up inside you, strength from beyond...
A kick in the butt, return whence you've come.

The dam at last broken, here comes the flood,
Awash with emotion, light from above...
Drowning most sorrow, cleansed from your pain,
Courage to last, begin life again.

Leaving not all of that old life behind
Taking some with you as truth is benign.
The lessons of life, the payments so burn,
But knowing once started, the tide cannot turn.

Some call it a mindset, this will to endure...
Whether basic or selfish, one's never sure.
We can guide it, turn it, a direction of choice
But to stop it, ignore it, we haven't that voice.

What I'm trying to say, want you to know,
Don't be so hard on a good-hearted soul.
Do what you can, give what you have.
Let God alone provide comfort and salve.

t. horn


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