Twixt Rock

Twixt rock and hard spot, that's where you are.
Which way to go?.....You'll never go far.
You'll take but two steps, feeling that bump ...
Then find your safe place, down on your rump.

For all the right reasons, never to move...
Taking no chances, nothing to prove.
Numbness sets in, "I guess I'm all right,
What were those feelings?, Oh yeah, that was life".

I've found the right reasons for being this way,
For I've read the Good Book, what it has to say.
I've taken to heart what it says to me,
Being the way all want me to be.

Well now that's the hard spot one side of between,
Pleasing those people, my feelings unseen.
Knowing I'm safe, from He and from thee,
But why, why, oh why don't I feel what I see?

Could it be that the Christ, one within me,
That He always has been, always will be?
That I've no need to feel an undeserved whole,
For His happiness seeks my wholeness of soul.

You thought just by saying, "I give up, I'm through",
The hurt would be gone, never to view?
But surprise of surprises, nothing has changed,
Still the same heart, still the same pain.

Well that's what you get for reading a book...
Looking for laws to take you off the hook.
Better look for the message that's buried within,
Love is forgiveness, for you and for him.

Asking for wants, whether good whether bad,
Better ask for His comfort, whether happy or sad.
You say you've just found Him, you pray through your tears,
Just look to your heart, He's been there for years.

If you want a wish list, look somewhere else,
For God isn't Santa and Angels aren't elves.
Nothing comes easy, not even His way...
If you've strong beliefs, be willing to pay.

Be willing to cry, to have people say
"What's with your thoughts...With devils you lay".
But deep in your heart, your God is content,
For you alone know the message He's sent.

You alone know that to live and get by
You must follow your heart or surly you'll die.
Hard spot that it is, it's like dark before dawn,
Its the Rock of all Rocks, stand up and stand on.

For the more that you're loved, by all those who care,
By whatever expression, could there be but to share
A contentness within, peace to your soul....
Above all He loves you, above all be whole.

t. horn


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